MRI Patient Services

How does an MRI Operate and what should you expect?

The MR images are formed by the computer processing signals that are emitted by body tissue. These signals are generated using a safe magnetic field in combination with radio waves of a specific frequency. Different tissue characteristics are revealed through this process and translated into different contrast levels on the image.

The procedure typically will last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. During the imaging process you will hear a faint knocking sound. An intercom system is available to call the technologists in an instant. Our scan rooms are family friendly allowing a loved one to sit with you while undergoing the test. You can also listen to your favorite music while undergoing the exam.

The benefits of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are many, with new applications continually being developed through on-going research. The procedure is used for all parts of the body and is effective in the clinical evaluation of the following conditions: brain disorders, traumatic injuries, eye abnormalities, spine diseases, tumor detection, liver and other abdominal diseases, knee and shoulder injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, facial and neck abnormalities, infection, cardiac malformations, blood flow and vessel disorders.